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·The exam is a standardized international written examination developed by an independent company and sponsored by the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium/ Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse (IC&RC/AODA).  The questions have been validated and are analyzed after each administration.  Annually, representatives from across the U.S. and other countries review the item analysis and make necessary revisions.

·The exam is computer-based in KY.  Once an applicant is approved to sit for the exam and forwarded the exam fee the KCBPP business manager pre-registers the applicant.  The applicant is then contacted directly by the testing corporation with instructions on how to register at a testing site. 

  • Current Testing Sites in Kentucky are:  Louisville, Lexington, Somerset and Florence.  There may be additional sites offered in the future and a complete list of testing sites will be availabe on the SMT page when you register for the exam.  In home/office proctoring testing is also available to applicants.  You will choose your site or or site proctoring when you sign up for the exam.

·Schroeder MeasurementTechnologies (SMT), a testing corporation, scores the exams.

·Overall, Kentucky has one of the highest pass rates.



·Study timelines will vary according to each individual.  Candidates who have successfully passed the exam report studying from 3 to 100 hours or for approximately 40 hours on average.  Remember that the exam is a professional board exam equivalent to board exams taken by nurses, social workers, etc.

·Certified Prevention Specialists throughout the state are available to answer your questions and to recommend study tips.  To request a list of CPS's from your region contact KCBPP by E-Mail: kcbpp@yahoo.com