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Effective today, April 21, 2022 the KCBPP is launching the new Kentucky Prevention Certification Submission System where you can input your new application or recertification documentations, including submission of your fees via a PayPal account.  For the June 30, 2022 submission date we are allowing both mailed, paper applications/recertifications OR submissions through the new online system.  However, beginning with December 31, 2022 submissions, only online applications through the submission portal will be accepted. 
The link to the new submission system is https://training.kyprevention.org/board
We encourage you to visit the portal and familiarize yourself with the new system.  Your email and a password will gain your entry.  Click on either new application or recertification and follow steps to filling out your forms, uploading certificates and requesting a supervisor evaluation.  Transcripts will still need to be sent directly to the KCBPP office from your college or university. 



All Certified Prevention Specialists will receive a letter from the KCBPP approximately 3 months prior to the expiration of their certification. That letter will instruct you to come to this page of the website and download the forms and instructions for submitting your recertification documentation. The forms and instructions are accessible by clicking on the recertification forms tab at the left.  The completed forms and $75 renewal fee are due to the KCBPP office by January 1 for certificates expiring at the end of December/January and by July 1 for certificates expiring at the end of June/July.